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Operation Clean Sweep

Sumika Polymer Compounds Europe (SPC EU) is gradually converting its various sites to comply with the advice of Operation Clean Sweep ® (OCS). This European commitment includes a series of actions and measures to prevent the loss of plastic pellets as much as possible. The aim is to help preserve water quality and to protect wildlife.

“Avoid the loss of pellets and their release into the aquatic environment!”

Global plastics industry players have launched Operation Clean Sweep®, whose target is elimination of pellets loss (avoiding water and ground contamination).

“Effective control of microplastic releases in marine environments”

The 6 commitments we ask our plants to make as partners of the OCS programme are:

  • Improve their worksite set-up to prevent and address spills.
  • Create and publish internal procedures to achieve zero pellet loss goals.
  • Provide employee training and accountability for spill prevention, containment, clean up and disposal.
  • Audit their performance regularly.
  • Comply with all applicable local and national regulations governing pellet containment.
  • Encourage their partners to pursue the same objectives.

At our level, we make a commitment to generalize Clean Sweep best practices to all our plants, with the aim of converting all of them to this program. We chose to engage in this initiative to ensure product control during production, transport or processes, including “plastic pellets” characterized by their small size.

Operation Clean Sweep