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Sustainable solutions

Sustainable solutions

We help reveal the best

our engineers do

to make a positive impact

on our society.

Sumika Polymer Compounds is constantly striving to contribute to society through its business activities. One way of doing this is through innovation.
That is why in 1992, SPC was launching on the market the first material containing recycled plastic. Today, objectives and know-how have positively improved to match future sustainable requests.

Sustainable solutions
Recycle glass fiber reinforced PP
Recycle Glass Fibre Reinforced PolyPropylene
THERMOFIL CIRCLE , Recycle glass fibre reinforced Polypropylene

One of our business principles is : “Commit ourselves to creating new value by building on innovation“. This is one of the reasons why, almost 30 years ago, we developed our first compounds based on recycled polypropylene.

Today, we are able to produce a wide range of recycle engineering glass reinforced polypropylene.

By capitalizing on our know-how in high-performance products, we are able to get the best out of any second life material.

Sustainable solutions
THERMOFIL NP, Natural wood fibre reinforced polypropylene
Natural Wood Fibre Reinforced PolyPropylene
Sustainable solutions
THERMOFIL NP, Natural wood fibre reinforced polypropylene
Reinforcement/ Sustainable/Lightweight

10 years after laying the foundation stone, Sumika Polymer Compounds Europe is proud to offer this innovative material.

THERMOFIL NP is a natural wood fibre reinforced polypropylene. A sustainable approach based on local PEFC certified woods sourcing.

This great innovation combines the advantages of weight reduction with reinforcement.


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