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Our motivation is to inspire sustainable development and design. Sumika Polymer Compounds Europe is committed to apply the latest materials technologies and to unlock the opportunities of innovative technological advances. Trust us with your projects and make your expectations a reality.


Our vision

As part of Sumitomo Chemical’s Petrochemicals & Plastics business, our resolve is to contribute to a better tomorrow, finding solutions which improve the quality of life around the world in areas such as resources, energy, food and the environment, capitalizing on our technological strength.  We place highest value in the trust of our business partners, shareholders, investors and communities in which we work.

We are convinced that innovation encourages growth and allows for economic growth for the company and its ecosystem.

To deliver a sustainable world based on the increasingly more complex technical requirements of our commercial partners is a major future challenge for suppliers of engineering thermoplastics. We can meet that challenge with our advanced product technology driving innovation with our business partners.

To innovate, we challenge ourselves to go beyond established limits.

To innovate effectively, we will apply new ideas to create future material solutions for the rapidly changing automotive and appliance sector. To inspire, offering new products that are evolving with the requirements of tomorrows world.


Sumika Polymer Compounds Europe, part of Japanese group Sumitomo Chemical, has been manufacturing thermoplastics for over 40 years and offers a wide range of thermoplastic compounds and polyolefin-based elastomers.

We are leader in the field of high-quality polyolefin thermoplastics compounds and elastomers. The mission of our employees is to contribute directly to the sustainable performance of our business partners. We help them to pursue their economic development with the current environment needs.

PP compounds specialist for automotive, white goods and specialized applications, we are recognized for a wide range of products, particulary designed for high performances. In the same way, we supply endurable plastic compounds for industrial use. We continuously develop new technologies to meet tomorrow’s demand.

As a member of a global network of Sumika companies in the United States, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, China, Japan, India and Turkey, we are in a global partner providing local supply and support to our customers around the world.