Sumika’s plan of action to curb the spread of COVID-19 while maintain deliveries and economic continuity

We are pleased to inform all our partners that most of our factories are now fully operational

May 2020

Giving our employees and business partners a safe work environment is, and always will be, one of our major priorities. In order to reduce the risk of contamination by COVID-19, we stopped activity in our production facilities for a few weeks according to each country’s specific government advice.  

Meanwhile, most of our customers suspended or reduced their activities for a few weeks. We maintained most of our commercial activities thanks to the high professionalism of our team working from home. During these last unprecedented weeks, the company has demonstrated its solidarity, mutual assistance and professionalism.

Recently, some countries have started to get back to normal work, others have already progressively ended the confinement. Linked to this dynamic, several of our customers are resuming their activities.

Consequently, we are pleased to inform all our partners that most of our factories are now fully operational. Nevertheless, COVID-19 is still present and it is likely we will have to fight against this for several months. For this reason, we have implemented a full set of new procedures to ensure the safety of our employees and ensure we are able to maintain the usual high service level to our customers.

Moving forward by providing a safe working environment for all is our contribution to ensure economic continuity.

“Wash your hands” – ”Maintain social distancing”

Curb the spread of covid-19